Front Mission Evolved And Metal Gear Collab Is Decals

By Colin Tan on July 25, 2010, 1:32AM EDT

As it turns out, that secret collaboration between Square Enix and Konami for Front Mission Evolved is, wait for it, wicked decals for them Wanzers - those giant mechs that skid around laying out the destruction like it's George Bush's birthday.

Considering that both Front Mission and Metal Gear feature some prominent giant robots of mass destruction, it would be fair to think we might see Rex, Ray, heck even Zeke appear in Front Mission Evolved. However, fans will have to settle with simply decking out their Wanzers with Kojima Productions and Foxhound decals.

At the very least, the reveal trailer makes it a point that Front Mission is definitely not about sneaking.

Source: Kotaku

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