Gamers Decide The Fate Of Carmine

By Adam Ma on July 21, 2010, 11:16PM EDT

It's not often that gamers get to decide which character they get to see live or die in a game, and even rarer when that decision is made mid-development. Epic Games is letting players decide the fate of the latest Carmine brother through the purchasing of Xbox 360 Avatar t-shirts.

Anyone purchasing the Save Carmine shirt will naturally be pushing their vote to keep the man alive to fight more Locusts and Lambent. On the other hand, anyone who decides he should be killed in some horrible (but amusing) way, can pick the Carmine Must Die shirt. The best part is that live or die, Carmine will be placing his life on the line for a very good cause.

Every single Carmine-related t-shirt sold will be put towards the charity Childs Play, which helps hospitalized children all over the world. Knowing the shirt will be donated to charity turns the entire event from 'fun' to 'worthwhile' in my book. Plus, if I can save at least one member of my favorite FPS family I'll be even happier.

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