Kojima: Japanese Developers Lack Passion

By Colin Tan on July 9, 2010, 1:44PM EDT

Hideo Kojima, creator of the hit success Metal Gear Solid franchise, has spoken out today in regards to the current situation of the gaming industry in Japan and why they aren't keeping up with developers elsewhere in the world. Tweeting as usual, Kojima thinks that it's probably because Japanese developers are currently "lacking the motivation" to move forward. Kojima made these statements right after a TV program that showcased foreign exchange students.

"The TV Show put the spotlight on female students from Europe and US. One lady mentioned she was inspired by Ranma and began studying Japanese and applied for the Manga Department in her University. She looks over her classmates' work during lunch break, heads to the bookstore after class, and reads a little of it before a purchase. She then goes to Karoake to sing her favorite anime songs. She really likes Manga!"

He's also noticed that aspiring developers and students elsewhere are much more passionate and motivated about succeeding when compared to younger generation of Japan who according to him are "losing" to the West.

"The Game Industry is very similar. The West is very motivated. The younger generation of Japan is losing. The designers and to-be-designers in the West have the focus, ambition, and ability to make their dream become true. So it is not the Japanese technology or culture that is losing, we are lacking the motivation."

"Lately I have come to conclusion that, with highly motivated foreigners... it doesn't matter where they are from, working with highly motivated individuals is the only way to move forward. I am tired of taking care of people who do not have the passion.

"Time is used differently between people who have and don't have motivation. They are willing to learn and study on their own.

"Saying you don't have time because of work, using work as an excuse, will not help you grow. Creating abilities, at it's core, is reliant on your love for the creation."

Source: Gamerzines

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