Listing For Gran Turismo 5 Ultimate Edition At Steep Price

By Jamie Courts on July 5, 2010, 12:29PM EDT

Polyphony Digital has announced that Gran Turismo 5 will be available in three separate packages for fans to buy the version of their choice. Of course there is the standard edition, and then a special edition that includes a model car and book for $99.99 retail. There is also an Ultimate Edition that is yet to be detailed, though Amazon France has a price listed at 189 Euro.

The price is apparently set, yet Sony India Head, Atindriya Bose, has given a few small details on what the Ultimate Edition package will pertain to, stating, "For GT5, there are two collector's editions. One is the game plus some added content and collectibles, while the other is in a really big package with a lot of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game, it's all car-related, but I'm unaware of the exact contents."

What sort of car-related things that are worth $189.99 are yet to be seen, though this package is said to come in very limited supply. Gran Turismo will see release of all editions on November 2. The anticipation builds as the nearly six year long wait is nearly over

Source: VideoGamer

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