LucasArts Interested In New Direction For Star Wars Saga

By Adam Ma on July 7, 2010, 1:11AM EDT

Still finding new ways to exploit the classic franchise, LucasArts has been tossing around new ideas for games based on the classic films. What this means precisely is a bit cryptic, but it does at least put into light that George is looking at new games no longer based off of Starkiller or even Clone Wars.

The idea they've got is to "capture the spirit of some of those big moments from the films", as executive producer Haden Blackman puts it. Be that in a big over-the-top CG filled game, or a simple Xbox Arcade port (such as Super Star Wars), they're unsure. But rest assured LucasArts is tossing around ideas for the next big Star Wars title.

This calls into question a big 'why?' however. Why go back to the original trilogy? Aren't the new franchises doing well enough to promote the series? Star Wars has had some pretty solid ground in the gaming industry, particularly as of late, so the announcement that they'd like to milk the first three movies a bit more is really just boggling.

Source: CVG

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