Marketing Nintendo 3DS A Very Tricky Affair

By Colin Tan on July 10, 2010, 7:33PM EDT

Speaking with Edge, Nintendo's Hideki Konno says that marketing the new 3DS platform is going to be a "very tricky" affair. He mentions that, surprisingly, even within Nintendo there were those that had doubts about the system.

"We did hear doubtful voices. We weren't completely successfully with Virtual Boy so there was a suspicious tone within the company," he said.

"First, I introduced the latest technology "“ the 3D panel "“ attached it to the Wii and showed a demo showing Mario Kart Wii and Animal Crossing. In Japan there's a maxim: a glance is better than a hundred words. Even with words I wasn't able to convince anyone. So I presented the demo to Miyamoto and Iwata and they were stunned and agreed to take it in that direction."

Konno also says that the PR department is constantly discussing about how to market the platform.

"Our internal PR departments are saying that we should use cinema advertising, because cinemas are capable of showing 3D movies. But our key point with 3DS is that you don't need glasses, which you obviously need to use in cinemas. So we think regular marketing and promotional activities will be very tricky for us. I think that a lot of awareness about 3DS will be spread by word of mouth.

"Consumers can't see the real surprise without the 3DS in front of them "“ cool footage isn't enough "“ but I went to our booth and found consumers being surprised, saying "˜Wow!', I was relieved to see those reactions."

Gaming Union had the opportunity to try out the Nintendo 3DS at E3 and it was certainly quite impressive. The 3DS is slated for a March 2011 release.

Source: Edge

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