Medal Of Honor Beta Goes Live On Xbox 360

By Darryl Kaye on July 21, 2010, 6:49AM EDT

EA have announced that the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta is now live on the Xbox 360. The beta has been only been live on the PlayStation 3 and PC up until now.

For those who have a key handy and want to take part, they can go to to redeem it. However, if they've already used their key on the PS3/PC version, it won't work again. Also, if they wish to redeem a second key, they must make another EA account.

EA LA community manager Matthew Pruitt said "We have received great feedback so far from our PlayStation 3 and PC players and with the Xbox 360 version going live, we look forward to hearing that feedback from you as well."

He went on to say "Finally, we would like to thank our Xbox 360 fans for sticking with us through the delay - you guys rock!"

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