Medal of Honor Limited Edition Revealed

By Adam Ma on July 13, 2010, 8:16PM EDT

Those knuckleheads over at EA have released a brand new Medal of Honor trailer. This one is a little less dramatic, featuring only one slightly bearded man and a lot of shotgun kills. The trailer itself actually looks pretty nice, and really puts emphasis on how much fun it is to unload a round of buckshot into some unsuspecting player.

This is all important because anyone picking up the Limited Edition copy of Medal of Honor will be granted early access to shotguns. While other suckers are forced to go out their and work for their weapons (just like in the real military), a few extra bucks will grant you the ability to be overpowered in the first few ranks of the game. Players purchasing the limited edition will also gain access to the MP7, which is apparently a real gun that Tier One Operators use out in the field.

Check the trailer for more detail into how great those shotgun blasts look.

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