Michael Patcher Says 3D Gaming Is A Fad

By Adam Ma on July 18, 2010, 1:07PM EDT

In a recent interview Michael Patcher, Wedbush Morgan analyst, has recently expressed his feelings on 3D gaming. What's unique is that his opinion is more based off of the 3D TV technology, rather than any sort of game quality.

He believes that the current price range of 3D televisions is what will slow down the progress of 3D gaming. As long as most people can't afford a high-end television, most people will be hesitant to invest in the gaming technology. It's pretty sound logic, although it relies completely on guessing how the television market will go. Which is what this man does for a living, to be fair.

Regardless, the industry has begun its slow push into the 3D market, and no doubt we'll see more and more games adopt the technology. Maybe if 3D gaming and movies take off quick enough, television prices will lower a bit to compensate.

Source: VG247

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