Microsoft Scrapped Plans For PC and Xbox 360 Cross-Platform Play

By Colin Tan on July 22, 2010, 12:56PM EDT

Microsoft has apparently killed off any plans to integrate cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360 players. Microsoft conducted a project "under wraps" quite a while ago where PC and 360 players were pitted against one another in games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. The result, "console players got destroyed every time," according to Rahul Sood founder of Voodoo PC and CTO of gaming at Hewlet-Packard.

"The goal was to bridge Xbox gamers with PC gamers so they could play against one another in games like Unreal, or Gears of War. This was all part of their Live strategy, and had Microsoft just stuck to their guns and made it work PC gaming might be in a much better position than it is today...

"Personally I wish it would have stayed the course. I've heard from reliable sources that during the development they brought together the best console gamers to play mediocre PC gamers at the same game... and guess what happened? They pitted console gamers with their 'console' controller, against PC gamers with their keyboard and mouse.

"The console players got destroyed every time. So much so that it would be embarrassing to the Xbox team in general had Microsoft launched this initiative. Is this why the project was killed? Who knows, but I'd love to hear from anyone involved - what happened?"

Wait, PC players with keyboards and mice destroying console players with a gamepad? That's a big surprise.

Source: Eurogamer

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