Moore: A Slippery Slope To Focus Everything On Metacritic

By Colin Tan on July 20, 2010, 12:56PM EDT

We all know how important Metacritic has become to the industry. However, obsessing over Metacritic scores is a bit of a "slippery slope" for developers according to EA Sports' Peter Moore.

"I've taken the entire FIFA team out for dinner for a tremendous celebration for what they did on FIFA 10, because they not only delivered a 90 they delivered a 91," Moore said.

"In terms of what I want from FIFA 11, it is difficult to tell them to go and get a 92 or 93. It is almost impossible to take an iterative annual sports title and get it into the mid-90s.

"You can break Metacritic down and say, 'We can get two extra points by doing this,' but it may not actually enhance the gamers' experience, and that is where there is a line we have to be careful we don't cross. It is a bit of a slippery slope if you focus everything on Metacritic."

Simply tailoring a game for a high Metacritic score may not always guarantee a good gaming experience, however the reverse may prove true as Peter Moore has recently pushed the Fifa team into breaking the 90's score range with Fifa 10. Here's to hoping they do the same with Fifa 11.

Source: Eurogamer

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