New Dragon Age DLC Announced

By Adam Ma on July 29, 2010, 11:02AM EDT

It's always nice to see a game get some support after release, but the amount of content that's been added to Dragon Age: Origins would almost constitute its own expansion at this point. Either way, Bioware has recently announced The Golems of Amgarrak, DLC with rewards for characters from either the first Dragon Age, or Awakening.

The story takes place around a dwarf who has lost a brother on an expedition into the Deep Roads. Naturally he sends a letter requesting help from the most badass person to ever walk the earth: you. The campaign will let players use an old character, or make a completely new high level one to go through the DLC. A great option for anyone who's wanted to play another class but didn't have the time or energy.

In the meantime check out the promotional trailer below, and note the strange amount of Mass Effect 2 music going on in the background. Sure that song is quite epic, but it doesn't quite feel right knowing where it came from.

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