New Marvel vs Capcom 3 Information Released at Evo2k10

By Adam Ma on July 12, 2010, 11:48PM EDT

One of the biggest fighting games to be announced in recent history, Marvel vs Capcom 3 has gained quite a bit of attention that doesn't seem to be slowing down. Naturally Capcom is playing it up, giving very limited opportunities to soak in any new info they can. The most recent bone thrown to the fans? Evo2k10, where new details on the most recent MvC3 build were run down (in addition to a few flashy new moves).

The information provided below was given throughout the commentary by Seth Killian and Adam Sessler between the matches. As far as we know the build shown during the exhibition match was the must current version of the game so far. What was shared with MvC3 fans during the matches is as follows:

-The game is far less Tatsunoko vs Capcom based, feeling more fast paced and combo oriented (similar to Melty Blood or Marvel vs Capcom 2).

-Prior builds of the game only went to lv 2 supers, however the new build of the game sits at 50% completion and allows characters to use their lv 3 super attacks

-The current build does not let players select two of the same characters, however this will be fixed by the final release of the game (when new character colors are added)

-All projectile supers can be manually aimed/controlled

-Supers are extremely combo friendly, and mid air combos are extremely intuitive and fast-paced

No word yet on what major event Capcom will be showcasing MvC3 at next, or how far along the game will be then. But for the time being everything looks fantastic, most notably the character redesign which appears to be far more balanced than it was in MvC2. Or at least the Hulk looks useful for more than his assist this time around.

Source: Evo2k10 Invitational Demo

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