New Monday Night Combat Class Trailer Released

By Adam Ma on July 20, 2010, 10:54PM EDT

Monday Night Combat is a game that has been conflicted on a few levels. It gives off this 'Team Fortress' vibe I have a hard time shaking off, and these class profiles aren't making it any easier. The latest peek at Xbox 360's Arcade shooter dives into the Sniper role, and how very different it is from the typical FPS sniper.

Armed with traps, a high powered sniper rifle, and an SMG with a kick, the Sniper goes out into the arena with a pretty cocky attitude. The video released shows off his four trainable skills, while Uber Entertainment's blog does a great job bragging about how cool the class will be the play. Admittedly, the grapple abilities look like a lot of fun.

Monday Night Combat should be releasing August 11 as a part of the Summer of Arcade Xbox promotion.

Source: Uber Entertainment

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