New Motorstorm Apocalypse Details Revealed

By Colin Tan on July 22, 2010, 1:44PM EDT

Evolution Studios revealed some delicious details about upcoming Motorstorm Apocalypse with the European PlayStation Blog in a live chat. The studio has also confirmed that they'll be attending gamescom this year, so expect a flew of news about the third instalment in the Motorstorm franchise.

Check out the list of details revealed in the Q&A below,

  • 3D has been part of the development process from the start
  • You will be able to share vehicles you have created with the community (with more features relating to this to be announced)
  • You will be able to customise game modes
  • 5 new vehicles will feature -- Superbike, Chopper, Hot Hatch, Supercar, Muscle Car
  • Perks will feature in three categories -- boost perks, handling perks, combat perks
  • 40 plus tracks, over 30 surfaces and 13 vehicle types
  • Custom sound tracks both online and offline
  • Destruction will be part of online racing too
  • Destruction won't always occur in the same way
  • Cut-scenes will replace loading screens

The game's looking to be quite promising what with five new vehicles and customizable game modes among the many other juicy features.

Source: 3XG

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