New Zelda Game A Prequel To Ocarina of Time

By Adam Ma on July 21, 2010, 11:43PM EDT

ZeldaDungeon deserves a bit of praise, for informing me of two bits of news that really have made my day fantastic. First, that Skyward Sword will be officially taking place before the Ocarina of Time game. Secondly, that Zelda games even have a time-line to begin with.

While unknown how far into the past Skyward Sword takes place, knowing that it will be occurring within the same time frame as the classic Nintendo 64 legend is comforting news. It means having a certain degree of familiarity in the world, assuming they don't radically change what we're familiar with.

The fact that there is a Zelda time-line however, has no basis on the game itself but rather brings up a few interesting questions. What is the overall storyline? Would playing them in any order give a better Zelda experience? Why can't the public know? No doubt it's another one of Nintendo's mysterious secrets.

Source: ZeldaDungeon

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