Pachter: Online Won't Stay Free For Long

By Colin Tan on July 26, 2010, 1:43PM EDT

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has said time and again that publishers will most certainly move to some form of online subscription model, making players pay to game online. He's previously mentioned that Activision would do so for their Call of Duty franchise, however that was debunked by both Treyarch and Infinity Ward. But what about an optional premium service? Pachter agrees that that's possibly the next potential step forward for the company.

On the latest episode GT's Pach Attack, Pachter continues on his argument that not only will Activision charge for online, but other publisher as well, including EA.

"I think EA will migrate to an online subscription model, so instead of paying $10 for an online pass, I think EA will charge $5 or $10 a month which will give the player the ability to play any of the companies sports games online.

"The moral of the story is game and used game purchasers just have to accept online multiplayer is going subscription. Publishers just can't afford to give this stuff away for free, its cannibalising new game sales and used game sales."

Honestly it would be incredibly troublesome if every known publisher, or at least the big ones, begin charging to play online. How many fees would we have to pay on top of our internet bills? One monthly fee may not be so bad, but throw in a couple more and they start to pile up. Not a very bright future for online gaming if publishers do start heading in that direction.

Source: VG247

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