PlayStation Move Bundles Announced For Japan

By Jamie Courts on July 6, 2010, 11:11AM EDT

Sony is preparing Move for release, and in Japan, new bundles are being announced to show off the tech of move with an included title. The two games Japan will be getting Move bundles for are Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and a pack being called the "Big 3 Gun Shooting Pack".

Resident Evil 5 will come bundled with a plastic gun shell and will retail for 7,980 Yen, or $90 US dollars. The Big 3 Gun Shooting Pack will include Time Crisis Razing Storm, Dead Storm Pirates, and Time Crisis 4. The Big 3 Gun bundle will be a little higher priced at 11.980 Yen or $136 USD.

The Big 3 Gun Bundle may be pretty fun, since it's a port of light gun shooters to begin with, but after the hands on with Move and Resident Evil 5, this may not be the best way to sell the Move to people. Not to mention a 3 game light shooter bundle for that kind of price also seems a little too much.

Source: Destructoid

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