Rumor: Capcom vs Namco/Namco vs Capcom

By Adam Ma on July 20, 2010, 12:50AM EDT

Folks over at Game Informer have done a bit of digging, discovering that Capcom/Namco's next big project could in fact be two games. Both known for some respectable fighting game franchises, the current rumor suggests they both may be working on the same game in two very different forms.

Capcom vs Namco would take advantage of the well known Capcom Versus system, used in their popular 2D fighting games. Meanwhile Namco vs Capcom would be quite the opposite, focusing on a 3D style of combat that Namco enjoys. It's an interesting premise, particularly since both companies are knee-deep in characters that could be used for either style of game.

With any luck Capcom (or Namco) will make an announcement confirming the details at this Comic Con. With luck, the rumors are true. It would be really great to see more fighting game titles come together after a few years or relative silence.

Source: Game Informer

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