RUMOUR: New Xbox 360 Dashboard Coming this November

By Shawn Collier on July 15, 2010, 1:39PM EDT

According to some leaked screenshots, it appears that Microsoft might be preparing a cosmetic revamp of the Xbox 360's Dashboard in their upcoming Fall update this November. As some might remember, Microsoft had already announced earlier that this update, among other things, would implement the new Family Center, which would allow a family to buy only one Xbox Live Gold account instead of having to buy individual ones.

The leaked screenshots appear to have a Metro-like appeal to them, the codename being the new UI scheme that the latest version of the Zune hardware and PC application are using, as well as the upcoming Windows Phone 7. The tiles appear to be done horizontally now, instead of the skewed angular perspective the current dashboard uses. The menu fonts, as well as some of the other fonts in the screenshots, appear to be thinner and the colors are more neutral than the heavy hues currently used.

As of yet, Microsoft has yet to comment on the leak, but the screenshots do match previous released screenshots of the Family Center from the company, so this is likely the real deal.

Source: Logic Sunrise

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