Run Zombies Down With A Zamboni In Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer

By Colin Tan on July 10, 2010, 6:42PM EDT

If you thought the only way to kill zombies was by mowing them down with guns, shovels, crowbars and a plethora of other kitchen utensils then think again. Capcom has revealed a new multiplayer mode that'll have players mowing hordes of zombies down in an icerink with Zambonies. That's right. Zambonies.

Not a lot of details about the new mode but from what can be gathered from the screenshots, players will fight it out to see who can run and mutilate as many zombies with their Zambonies as possible. Looks wicked fun.

The Terror in Reality event is aptly named "Zombonies" and the zombie mowing begins when Dead Rising 2 hits stores September 28 in North America and October 1 in Europe for all major platforms.

Source: G4TV

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