Schafer : Bobby Kotick Is Squeezing The Life Out Of The Industry

By Darryl Kaye on July 14, 2010, 8:38AM EDT

Tim Schafer has never been shy about his reasons for changing publishers on his game Brutal Legend. He originally started out with Activision, but ended up with EA after all sorts of troubles that lead to law suits.

Speaking to Eurogamer at Develop, he's continued to voice his opinions against Activision's top dog, Bobby Kotick.

"His obligation is to his shareholders. Well, he doesn't have to be as much of a dick about it, does he? I think there is a way he can do it without being a total prick. It seems like it would be possible. It's not something he's interested in," he said.

He went on to say "He definitely has that that kind of widget-maker attitude. I don't think he's great for the industry, overall. You can't just latch onto something when it's popular and then squeeze the life out of it and then move on to the next one. You have to at some point create something, build something."

Source: Eurogamer

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