Sega Not Attending GamesCom

By Colin Tan on July 5, 2010, 4:22PM EDT

According to a German Sega fansite, SegaStuff, the company won't be attending gamescom, which is right around the corner next month, due to a purely "commercial decision."

"Despite huge success on the SEGA GamesCom 2009 and the Europe-wide importance of the Cologne exhibition SEGA has decided not to be represented this year with a stand."

Sega currently has several titles under their belt, including Vanquish and a plethora of Sonic games for the Wii, DS and Kinect, which were shown at E3 this year. Unfortunately, since Sega won't be attending gamescom, news on these titles will most likely have to wait until TGS in September.

Source: SegaStuff

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