Split/Second: Velocity Coming to PSP

By Alex on July 7, 2010, 11:42AM EDT

For anyone who played Split/Second on their iPhone, but still wanted some battery life left, or who played it on a console/PC and wished they had it on the go, you've got your wish!

If you haven't heard of Split/Second, it takes place in a (fictional) reality TV show where drivers compete in city-sized levels. It's not just about smashing into other drivers to take them out, though. Certain parts of levels can be destroyed, blowing up the other racers and possibly creating a new path through the level.

Set to release near the end of 2010, Split/Second: Velocity will have re-designed controls specifically for the PSP, an exclusive new track, and some extra challenges. Four player ad-hoc multiplayer will also be included.

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