Square Enix Announces Tactics Ogre Remake

By Shawn Collier on July 21, 2010, 12:16AM EDT

Earlier in July Square Enix registered a slew of new trademarks for the long-running Ogre Battle series. Thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, we now know what part of those trademarks are being used for, as the company has announced a PSP remake of Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together in Japan, entitled Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fate.

The character designer is Akihiko Yoshida, who is most well known for his work in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV, as well as the cult hit Vagrant Story and the original Tactics Ogre. Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata, the original music directors for the original, as well as Hiroshi Minagawa, the original art director, are back for the remake. In addition, Yasumi Matsuno, the person behind the series, will be penning the story for the remake.

The remake will include a brand-new characters, an improved battle system, and new skills, classes and character stories. It should be noted that Square Enix has registered English versions of these trademarks, so it's likely that the title will come to North America and Europe, as some of the SNES games have been released on the Wii's Virtual Console just recently.

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