StarCraft II Downloadable Now

By Adam Ma on July 15, 2010, 10:37PM EDT

In a move that could possibly save Blizzard a lot of grief in the long run, has opened up StarCraft II to early downloads. Anyone who chooses to take advantage of this and grab the game early won't have to pay a dime. Instead, they pay when the game is 'officially' released. Official as in, when it hits stores in a box.

This is really a fantastic plan, as most people decided if they were buying about five minutes after Blizzard officially announced the games release. All kidding aside, it means launch day for the game should be a little more stress free (as Blizzard can appropriately prepare for those who've already downloaded). Anyone looking to buy a box copy of the game will just have to wait like they normally would. At the very least you'll have plenty of time to wonder how Korea will possibly be able to function after July 27.


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