StarCraft II Going 3D Post Launch

By Jamie Courts on July 5, 2010, 1:06PM EDT

With almost every major game as of late coming out with an option for 3D, it seems that the ever popular, South Korean cherished, StarCraft II will be seeing 3D compatibility coming to their title as well. Chris Sagaty, Production Directer at Blizzard, told IGN that StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty will have 3D support in the first few months after release for Nvidia cards and screens that support it.

This tech does seem a little odd to be releasing on PC, with such a small market for 3D tech on PC at this time, with 3D monitors barely existent. With the amount of copies StarCraft II will inevitably sell though, there is probably enough of a hardcore market out there.

This does beg a whole new question though. With StarCraft II supporting 3D from Blizzard, will other titles such as Diablo II, or even World of WarCraft get the same extra-dimensional treatment?

Source: Joystiq

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