Sucker Punch Abandons Redesign Of InFamous 2's Cole McGrath

By Colin Tan on July 23, 2010, 1:57PM EDT

Remember InFamous 2 at E3 when Sucker Punch boldly stepped out into the fold to reveal the revamped Cole McGrath? He didn't look at all like the Cole from the first game, in fact, he looked more like a teenage pop star. Good news though, Sucker Punch is dropping that redesign due to the backlash of negative reactions from the fans.

According to IGN, the new Cole looks "more like the person we played as in the original Infamous and less like the man who was in all of those E3 screens and videos."

Sucker Punch announced at the San Diego Comic-Con that they'll be reverting Cole back to his original look. Bald, kinda looks like Nathan Hale, and badass. No pics yet, but they'll surface eventually.

Source: IGN

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