Two New Super Street Fighter Characters To Be Announced

By Adam Ma on July 24, 2010, 9:48PM EDT

A screenshot that popped up on Twitter has added more evidence that two new characters will be entering the fray. Naturally the two characters remain a mystery, but it's great to see that support is still be pushed on the game. Not really surprising, considering how popular the series is on mainstream and competitive levels, but still nice.

Who the characters are will naturally remain a mystery until Capcom decides to make the announcement. My personal bet would be more 3rd Strike characters; with the re-release of the fan-favorite game around the corner it'd be smart to give new players a chance to see more of the old cast.

Naturally Gaming Union will update you all when the two characters are announced. Depending on who it is, there may also be confetti and a vuvuzela involved.

Source: EventHubs

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