US Retailer Lists Resistance 3

By Colin Tan on July 22, 2010, 2:44PM EDT

Remember awhile back when there was a certain huge billboard with the logo of Resistance 3 plastered for all to see? That logo has surfaced again, but this time it's listed by US retailer eStarland. What's interesting is that it's the exact same logo that features the Statue of Liberty, so the fight might just really be moving to the Big Apple.

Insomniac hasn't mentioned Resistance 3 at all, let alone release any images or logos for the game. Sony has yet to even make an official announcement. The only bit of news from the developer is that they're busy on a new multiplatform game that will be published through EA Partners.

In any case, Gamescom is around the corner and there may be something announced there, so take this bit of news with a large bowl of salt until then.

Source: VG247

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