Vanquish Is Casual Friendly

By Adam Ma on July 29, 2010, 10:49AM EDT

Recently disclosing some difficulty levels players will face in Vanquish, Platinum Games has announced a casual mode for those not so good as FPS games. Casual Auto, to be exact. The mode sounds very specific, and vague, all at the same time.

Though they still recommend playing the game on normal difficulty, Casual Auto will make the game fun and easy. It sounds like it takes away much of the aiming that the game would require and tries to make things a little more cinematic. A great option considering the game will be single-player only.

Platinum Games has also announced a God Hard mode as well, which should be exactly what it sounds like. Good to see a company catering to both the hardcore and the casual gamer. Vanquish is looking to be quite a treat.

Source: Platinum Games Inc

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