Xbox 360 'Black' Arcade Details Leaked

By Adam Ma on July 14, 2010, 11:01AM EDT

It would appear Amazon has slipped up again, only this time it's the German division that appears at fault. Showing information that matches up with previously leaked Microsoft details, Amazon posts the new version of the console hitting sometime this year around fall.

The 'Arcade' version of the new Xbox 360 is quoted at approximately €149 (approximately $190 USD) and comes with 4gb of storage. No other details were available on the description page, but knowing how Amazon leaks tend to come true we can expect this information to be pretty accurate.

The only question now is if the bundle will come with any silly arcade games on it. Perhaps in this new era of sleeker, darker Microsoft we'll see an Arcade bundle with something decent in the box. Only time will tell.

Source: Kotaku

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