Ace Combat Assault Horizon Set To Tear Heavens Apart

By Adam Ma on August 10, 2010, 11:28PM EDT

Namco Bandai Games has sent out a press release filled with more explosive action than any press release should have. Ace Combat Assault Horizon is official, and with it comes 'sky-shredding aerial combat'. They also declare that players should prepare to set the sky on fire, amid all its fast paced combat.

All kidding aside, the game sounds like it's really going to be a treat for flight sim fans. Faster combat, more variety in world design, and 'steel carnage in the sky', Ace Combat has seen quite a redesign this time around. The plot will span the globe, and naturally be filled with some sort of shadow-ops conspiracy that will mostly pass as an excuse to fuel the action. Even still, it sounds like a fantastic breath of life is being pushed into the series.

The game is set to hit Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime during 2011, and more details will naturally be released as soon as Namco Bandai decides they should pump us up more.

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