Blaze Gaming Accessories Makes Handheld Sega Megadrive

By Adam Ma on August 11, 2010, 11:31PM EDT

Although it's not industry-related news, I feel compelled to let you all know about this product. In short: its a handheld Sega console, which allows you to play all the classic games that made up my childhood on the go. Sure, the PSP has a few classic games on it. As does the Nintendo DS. But I'll be damned if this little handheld isn't hitting a soft spot too.

The 'Sega Ultimate' portable device comes with 20 games Megadrive games preloaded, has an SD card slot, and looks kinda silly. Sadly, it's not out yet, but the idea of having all those classic games on a single system is more appealing to me than having to hunt them all down for the other handhelds I own.

So yes, bit of a twist from the norm, but still very cool. Consider it Sega's PSP. Considering how many PS One games you can purchase, the comparison isn't that far off. More information can be found at Blaze's website.

Source: BlazeEurope

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