Blizzard Censors StarCraft II Maps

By Colin Tan on August 6, 2010, 3:00PM EDT

Looks like Goldshire on Moon Shine isn't the only naughty thing Blizzard has its Big Brother eyes on. Apparently the industry giant has been busy monitoring user-made maps for StarCraft II and censoring, aka deleting, certain maps deemed inappropriate.

That's great and all but not so according to one user who demanded that Blizzard give him a reason or at least let him know what was wrong with his map so that he could fix it, as opposed to simply deleting it without any notice.

"My map (Ultimate Tank Defence) was deleted because someone at Blizzard deemed something with the map inappropiate, instead of asking me to change said problem or anything, it was deleted, it took over an hour for them to e-mail me that my game was actually deleted, and then never told me why it was deleted only that it was inappropriate."

Of course the community wasn't too happy with that.

"There were plenty of profane maps in WC3 and nobody died, no children were scarred for life, and most of all...they allowed the freedom map builders needed to make some G R E A T maps."

"I think Blizzard needs to butt out of the map building process. Give us the tool and let the COMMUNITY decide which maps are fun to play. After all, nobody is forcing you to play any map. If you are offended then just EXIT," said another user.

Unfortunately, Blizzard's community manager Bashiok - yes the very same one that had a lovely run-in with the consequences of Real ID - responded with a brusque "because we can...literally."

Technically, Blizzard is within their rights to censor whatever they deem inappropriate according to their Terms of Agreement; however, the community obviously isn't very happy with that. Remember the last time what happened when the community was upset? Pretty sure it had something to do with real names.

Source: PCWorld

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