Capcom: MvC3's Dante Has Record Setting Number Of Special Moves

By Lee on August 24, 2010, 6:57PM EDT

According to Seth Killian, Dante from Marvel vs Capcom 3 has more special moves than any other in the long history of the company.

Speaking to GamingUnion at a behind closed doors event outside GamesCom last week, the Capcom "special advisor" and community manager revealed that the Devil May Cry star has a massive amount of tricks up his sleeve.

Responding to a question about his early favourites for strongest character in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Killian said, "So far, in this game it's been a matter of who's most finished, other than straight character dominance.

"Dante is the most finished, right now. And he's probably the strongest, certainly at the introductory level. Also, he's abetted by the fact that right now he has more special moves than any character in Capcom fighting history."

Elaborating, Killian went on to reveal that these Dante's moves aren't just different flavours of the same thing. "Each of Dante's moves are all radically different," he said.

"So in one, homing missiles shoot out of his sword and in another a giant sphere of energy charges up around him. They're not small variations, they're totally different. So he's got a lot of answers."

Despite this, however, Dante doesn't get Seth's pick for the toughest fighter. Instead that honour goes to another character from Devil May Cry, Trish.

"Right now, pound for pound, my money is on Trish," said Killian." She's just got a lot of nasty tricks and traps. So that's what it comes down to for me.

"Ultimately, it's about controlling the space on the screen and limiting your opponent's options and shutting it down. She's really good at that. You feel really trapped against a good Trish player."

Look out for the full interview, as well as GamingUnion's hand-on impressions of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, later in the week.

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