Demon's Souls Sold Out In UK

By Adam Ma on August 5, 2010, 12:39AM EDT

Most definitely one of the best games of this generation, Demon's Souls has been fortunate enough to see release in the UK this past July. It's also apparently been fortunate enough to be a smash hit, 'selling out' all copies of the Black Phantom Edition. Hard to believe that is even possible, but apparently so. Only a few scattered copies remain across the UK.

Though unable to give a number to represent the phrase 'sold out', the PR and developers are still quite pleased. Perhaps this joy is also the result of the normal version of the game receiving a price drop of £10, to £34.99. The Black Phantom Edition will still be the same price however, assuming anyone can find the thing.

As a reminder to all, this fantastic game's online service will be continuing for quite some time now, in addition to a sequel being announced (though no details have been released on that subject).

Source: Eurogamer

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