Deus Ex Human Revolution Gets New Trailer

By Adam Ma on August 14, 2010, 1:09AM EDT

Deus Ex has seen quite a bit of positive response since its E3 trailer, and fans have naturally been clamoring for more information. Thankfully, someone over at Eidos decided to deliver. The new trailer features a lot of (what appears to be) in-game cutscenes melded in with gameplay. Then again, it could also be all 100% gameplay which would be even better.

It's nice to see the first person mode perspective remains intact, but even better is catching a quick glimpse at the melee combat system. There's a lot of possibilities here, when it comes to the skill/augmentation system they'll be implementing, and the trailer just touches down on a few of them. No need to take my word for it however, feel free to watch the trailer for yourself.

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