Doom 4 Won't Take As Long As Rage

By Colin Tan on August 11, 2010, 8:54PM EDT

Good news for Doom fans, according to id Software's John Carmack, apparently Doom 4's development time won't take as long as Rage's, which debuted at Quakecon in 2007 and won't be out until next year.

"Well we've got Doom 4 going on right now below our feet here," he said. "The Doom team are all sped up and working on this technology base "“ I'm not really at liberty to discuss much about it, but it's going full steam ahead right now."

"It shouldn't take as long to ship as Rage. It's already in the pipeline and we feel good about it."

Quakecon 2010 starts tomorrow, expect more news about id's games then.

Source: VG247

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