EA's Peter Moore Defends Online pass

By Colin Tan on August 31, 2010, 1:06PM EDT

In an interview with Edge, EA Sports president Peter Moore discussed the issue of Online Passes, defending it saying it will aid EA in providing and maintaining services.

EA's games ship with a one-time registration code that allows consumers to access online content. However, used games buyers won't enjoy such a luxury and will have to purchase one on their own in order to get online on EA's servers.

"We're looking at 5 million game sessions every day on EA Sports servers." says Moore. "But [looking] at digital delivery, maintaining servers able to support that volume of people every 24 hours, a solid billing infrastructure and customer support "“ it all takes time, effort and money and we're at the cutting edge of that."

Moore also says that it'll allow EA to deliver more content to consumers.

"Online Pass is a way of bringing more digital experiences quicker from day one, getting people new content "“ it will start with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, roll into NCAA Football and then probably Madden. It's up to us to create compelling fresh content 365 days a year if it's gonna be successful...There's a cost to serve that. [Developers] deserve to get compensated for their work, and Online Pass will help us achieve that."

Source: Edge

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