Former World Of Warcraft Devs To Announce New Game

By Colin Tan on August 2, 2010, 1:26PM EDT

Red 5 Studios comprises of former developers from the World of Warcraft team and it looks like they're set to reveal their latest work - a team-based action shooter wherein time may be of the utmost importance.

The news comes from BigDownload, who received confirmation of the studio's presence at PAX. A PR representative stated that the game is a "team-based action shooter," no further details were revealed.

However, Red 5's CCO Mark Kern expressed that the team was more concerned about creating a game world where it would change over time according to the players' actions rather than geographically expansive world.

"We want players to actually change the state of the game over time. Time is a very important concept to our game," Kern said.

"We play with it in any number of ways. It is probably our key form of persistence, more than, say, geography... It's more about how this world evolves over time, versus how big your world might be."

PAX starts in September. There's a bit of a wait before any more details surface about this mysterious game.

Source: BigDownload

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