Gamescom: Resistance 3 Officially Announced

By Colin Tan on August 17, 2010, 3:38PM EDT

What's that now? It's the dreadful hissing of the Chimera is what that is. Insomniac has finally and officially announced the existance of Resistance 3, the next entry into the fan favourite Resistance franchise which last saw the shocking demise of main man Nathan Hale.

So, shit some pants people, Insomniac Game have not only announced one game, but two. Both are absolute favourites among their fanbase and gamers alike and both are exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

According to Insomniac, they have listened well and close to the feedback from fans and are fine tuning Resistance 3 accordingly.

Our Burbank studio has done a phenomenal job of crafting a cruel and brutal Resistance 3 world.

You can catch a glimps of that "cruel and brutal" world in the live action teaser below, it looks like Left 4 Dead, only there aren't any survivals. Cruel and brutal? I'd say so.

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