Get Your First Look At Knights In The Nightmare PSP

By Shawn Collier on August 11, 2010, 9:13PM EDT

We haven't heard much about the PSP port of Knights in the Nightmare since Atlus announced the game prior to E3, but that all changes as of today, as Atlus has released the first trailer for the game.

Knights in the Nightmare for the PSP is a port of the Nintendo DS version, replacing the stylus controls for analog controls. The graphics have been upgraded, similar to the developer's PSP ports of Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union. A new story mode focusing on Yggdra Union's heroine Princess Yggdra is also included.

Knights in the Nightmare will hit the PSP in both retail and PSN forms in North America on October 19 for $29.99.

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