Halo Reach Multiplayer Gets Revamped Halo 2 Maps

By Colin Tan on August 5, 2010, 1:19PM EDT

Three new maps are inbound for Bungie's upcoming Halo: Reach, probably one of the more anticipated games of the remainder of 2010. The multiplayer's getting three new maps, two of which are "spiritual successors" to maps from Halo 2.

The two maps are Ivory Tower and Midship which will be renamed to Reflection and Zealot respectively. Aside from a graphical makeover, the only real difference to the remade Ivory Tower map is the physics and new gameplay mechanics, like the jetpack and sprinting.

The remake of Midship, or Zealot, isn't quite the exact same map. While Midship had two bases on either side of a circular ring with two levels to duke it out on. Zealot introduces a third level where players can reach the exterior of the level and battle in outer space in zero gravity conditions. Players can reach this third level by utilizing a jetpack or a man cannon, the shield allows players to pass through; however, projectiles are a different story.

The third map is one that's been built specifically for the Invasion game type. Basically a stand-your-ground game type, it starts off on a beach and eventually a huge spire that pierces the sky. Eventually, the defenders will be holding their ground at the top of the spire while the invaders do their best to make take their position.

Sounds like the multiplayer's going to be one heck of an experience. September 14 just can't come soon enough.

Source: IGN

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