Hideo Kojima Unveils Peace Walker Drama CD

By Colin Tan on August 14, 2010, 1:07AM EDT

Kojima teased earlier this week that he was prepping a big announcement this weekend, although it wouldn't be as big as a ZOE3 announcement. The man didn't lie, it certainly isn't. As it turns out, it's the unveiling of a Peace Walker Drama CD.

The Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Summer Camp is live on UStream and the event kicked off with a Peace Walker Versus tournament complete with commentary and underwear-clad soldiers running about - don't ask. Following that was a special live broadcast of Hideo Channel Radio where they hosted a Q&A session with Big Boss Kojima himself before he went on to make the announcement.

If my Japanese skills don't fail me, Kojima unveiled the Peace Walker Drama CD complete with performances as well as character songs from the Japanese voice actors of Snake and Kaz.

No further details yet, but expect more in the coming weeks.

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