Hitman 5 Confirmed By Former IO Interactive Employee

By Colin Tan on August 24, 2010, 3:29PM EDT

Word about Hitman 5's development has been weaving in and out of grapevine but now a former IO Interactive employee has confirmed that Hitman 5 is indeed under development.

The former employee "Voodooman" was going on about discontent with paycheques when he revealed the game's existence. He also says that it is no longer being made by the original team, but by those responsible for Kane & Lynch.

"At the next Hitman game coming, they tried a person in charge with passion and balls to rethink (Nor me), but alas he was removed and K & L management has taken over. It does not bode well for IO and Hitman future."

While that's not exactly the brightest of news, at the very least, Hitman 5 has been confirmed.

Source: Railgun

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