Irrational Games Unveils Bioshock Infinite With Debut Trailer

By Colin Tan on August 12, 2010, 3:16PM EDT

Irrational Games have revealed the mysterious identity of Project Icarus with the debut trailer of Bioshock Infinite. Unlike its predecessors, Infinite takes Rapture to the skies, quite literally. Instead of the crumbling dystopia known as Rapture, Bioshock Infinite is set in the flying city of Colombia, a beacon of American achievement that quite literally flies through the skies.

Little is known about the game so far, what we do know is that players take on the role of private detective Booker DeWitt who is hired to search for a lady that went missing during the Colombia incident.

Project lead Ken Levine also said to CVG that the inhabitants of the city are a little more complex compared to their instinct driven compatriots found in Rapture.

"When designing BioShock Infinite, we thought, 'wouldn't it be great if you walked into a room in this game and you didn't necessarily know the dispositions of the people in it? Are they going to sit there? Are they going to attack you? What might set them off?'"

"We really wanted to have a notion that not everyone in the city was automatically hostile towards you. Instead it has more of that 'Wild West' feel where you walk into a bar with your hand on your pistol and you're not sure what's going to happen to you," he said.

Check out the beautiful debut trailer, courtesy of PC Gamer.

Source: CVG

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