Japanese Anime Black Rock Shooter Gets Game

By Colin Tan on August 16, 2010, 11:53AM EDT

The phenomenal one episode - thus far - anime known as Black Rock Shooter has been one of the more anticipated animes of the year. Starting out as an original illustration by huke, the Black Rock Shooter character even inspired a song by lyricist Ryo of supercell and eventually came to be developed into a full fledge animation.

Now it appears that Black Rock Shooter is being turned into a game, an RPG as a matter of fact, according to a teaser site that was launched earlier on Sunday, complete with an inscrutable tagline.

"In 2032 A.D., all of humanity is in peril. Before she awakens"¦ She becomes RPG."

No other details were given. Stay tuned for more as TGS approaches, it's just next month!

Check out the teaser trailer below,

Source: Moetron

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