Kinect Coming To Europe This November

By Shawn Collier on August 17, 2010, 12:32PM EDT

While we've known for a while about Kincet's November 4th North American release, Microsoft has yet to comment on the official release date of the upcoming peripheral in Europe. At least, until today, as Microsoft has announced at GamesCom 2010 that Kinect will be coming much sooner than anyone expected in the region, which has been known for drawn-out release dates.

Microsoft have announced that Kinect will be available in Europe (this includes the UK) on November 10th, less than a week after the release in North America. Kinect, while downgraded from it's original iteration, allows players to use their body to control actions on the screen.

In Britain, Kinect will be priced at £129 with games priced at £40. Everywhere else in Europe, Kinect will be priced at €149. Both areas will sell the 4GB Kinect bundle at 250 pounds/euros, respectfully.

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