Metal Gear Boosts Konami's Earnings By Triple

By Colin Tan on August 5, 2010, 3:13PM EDT

Konami has recently published their financial earnings report for the first quarter and it's good news for the company as their earnings have tripled in comparison to the first quarter of last year, thanks largely in part to the recently released Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Interestingly enough, Konami breaks down their earnings according to genres, like "soccer" and "music" and in this case, "Metal Gear." Yes, your eyes do not decieve you, Metal Gear is so big that it has its own genre. In any case, Konami managed to sell roughly 160,000 Metal Gear games in the first quarter of last year. This year, Konami has sold a good 1.27 million.

Software sales are also up, Konami has sold 4.62 copies over the first quarter, up from the 2.96 million from last year. Japan had the highest sales, coming in at 2.44 million followed by Europe with 1.08 million and lastly North America with 1.02 million.

In addition, the Wii was Konami's biggest sales platform for the first quarter of last year. That's changed now with the PSP accounting for 40% of software sales, up from last year's 20%. The PlayStation 3 is also up by 3% - 17% compared to last year's 14%.

Source: Andriasang

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